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Is Dry Gangrene Curable?


Dry gangrene is curable.  If you or anyone in your family is suffering from dry gangrene, read on this article to find a definite cure to dry gangrene.  In this article, we will give a brief overview of dry gangrene and give information about the cure we offer to dry gangrene patients.


What is Dry Gangrene? 


This type of gangrene can occur when blood flow is blocked in some parts of body. As we all know that blood carries oxygen to different parts of body, for this purpose, the blood arteries and capillaries need to be unobstructed and healthy.  If any of your body parts does not get oxygen through your blood, it can and die.  The affected area turns extremely dry, flaky and dark green or purple, almost black in color.


Symptoms of Dry Gangrene


Symptoms of dry gangrene are:


  • Dry and shrunken skin that turns blue, then black, and eventually falls off.
  • The affected part is relatively cold and numb.
  • Pain and foul smell may be present.


Diagnosis of Dry Gangrene 


As with other cases of gangrene, dry gangrene is diagnosed by traditional medical examination:


  1. X-ray to rule out area affected by gangrene
  2. MRI and CT scans to determine the internal muscular damage
  3. Tests of blood and pus to identify any bacterial infection
  4. Biopsy to gain tissue samples


Complications of Dry Gangrene


A gangrene patient can develop several complications.  For example, if the infection gets into the patient’s blood stream, the patient may go into septic shock. This needs urgent treatment as it is a serious illness.


Symptoms of septic shock are:


  • Fast heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever or Chills
  • Light-headedness
  • Nausea
  • Low blood pressure
  • Body pain
  • Body rash
  • Cloudiness of brain
  • Pale, lackluster skin


Typical Medical Treatment of Dry Gangrene


It is better to treat the disease in the beginning of its outbreak.  This is because less severe cases of gangrene do not require amputation or extensive surgeries.  Methods for treating less severe gangrene cases include:


Surgery: Gangrene can be treated via surgery by repairing the damaged blood vessels or bypassing them. If a patient develops gangrene, it is imperative to remove the affected tissue to avoid spread of the disease in other healthy parts of body. For that purpose, a debridement is performed in the premises of doctor’s clinic. Doctors remove the affected tissue surgically. Sometimes, skin grafting is performed to cover the damaged limb for fast recovery.  During the course of medication and after surgery, it is important to use anti-bacterial medications to fight off bacteria.


Antibiotics: Antibiotic medication may be used to kill off the infection if it is caught early enough to avoid damage to the tissue.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: Forcing oxygen into the damaged cells via a hyperbaric chamber and an oxygen hood over the damaged section stimulates healing and healthy cells.


Amputation: Extreme cases of gangrene result in amputation; that is why it is important to monitor the signs and symptoms of gangrene so that it can be treated at an early stage.  In such cases, doctors remove the affected organ completely.


Our Gogangrene Herbal Treatment (100% Cure)

There is no definite cure of gangrene in Allopathy.  Medical doctors fail to stop gangrene from spreading to other healthy parts of body even if they perform amputation of the affected limb.  There remain chances that gangrene may affect other body parts/limbs because Allopathy does not treat the root cause of the disease.


On the contrary, Gogangrene.com provides guaranteed cure for dry gangrene without any side effects.  We take pride in our herbal treatment of gangrene, which has cured hundreds of patients suffering from dry gangrene.  There are many testimonials given by our patients on our website.  We give oral herbal medicines to eliminate the root cause of any type of gangrene internally.  We condemn amputation as this disables the patient for their entire life.  We have faith in natural herbs, and we offer hundred per cent natural medicines to cure the disease.  Our herbal medicine removes toxins from the blood and eliminates blockage from the veins and arteries. As a result, blood carries oxygen to every part of body easily, and the patient gets rid of gangrene naturally.


How to Prevent Dry Gangrene


Anyone can reduce the risk of developing dry gangrene by following this guideline:


  1. Watch out for possible cuts, bruises, swelling, flakiness, skin breaks or wounds on your body.
  2. Prevent foot infection by washing your feet with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to clean between the toes, and keep them clean and dry.
  3. Cover your feet with breathable cotton socks to prevent exposure to bruises and cuts.
  4. Get an annual medical check-up for foot health.
  5. Maintain healthy weight and don’t eat oily food to avoid fat accumulation around your waist. Obesity can put excess burden on your arteries, hence reducing blood flow to every part of your body.
  6. Smoking compromises immune system, thus increasing the chances of infections to develop. So, quit smoking.
  7. Keep away from extreme weather conditions to avoid frostbite or burns.
  8. Seek emergency treatment if the skin becomes pale, hard, cold, and numb, or if any color changes occur.