Go Gangrene


About us:

Go Gangrene ® is Unani (Greek) herbal medicine company which provides reliable and complete cure of all types of gangrene, diabetic wounds and psoriasis. We have an impressive record of treating gangrene patients in Pakistan as well as overseas. We take a human approach to health and wellness—a natural alternative to hyper-clinical medical treatments.



For more than 25 years, we have worked hard to provide you with complete herbal cure of gangrene, diabetic wounds and psoriasis and helped more than ____200+___ patients so far to recover completely and become healthy again.  Go Gangrene ® is a result of research and dedication of Hakeem Ghulam Jafar—one of the well-known Unani practitioners of today—who has been in this field since ___1994_. 



Gangrene treatment offered by Go Gangrene ® is a ground-breaking achievement of Hakeem Ghulam Jafar who formulated effective treatment in form of oral medicines for all types of gangrene, wounds and psoriasis.



The company has played a vital role in integrating ancient knowledge of herbal medicines with modern research. Go Gangrene ® manufactures and exports a wide range of Unani oral medicines all over the world. As healthy body is considered as a prerequisite for maintaining the quality of life, our Unani medicines provide a complete remedial solution to combat life-threatening disease such as gangrene, diabetic wounds and psoriasis.



Typical allopathic medical treatment does not go into the root cause of the diseases such as gangrene, diabetic wounds or psoriasis.  In most cases, they refer to strong antibiotics or, in severe cases, amputation of the limbs of the patients.  Amputation is when surgeons cut the infected limb/body part; it makes the patient disabled permanently. Sometimes allopathic doctors don’t even cooperate to admit gangrene patients in their hospitals because of less than 20% success rate after surgery.



Go Gangrene ® treatment is a flash of hope for patients suffering from life-threatening skin ailments.


It is all about God’s blessing and power of Nature!



We NEVER recommend amputation or surgery to our gangrene / diabetic patients because we are 100 percent confident in the success of our herbal treatment. Our medication includes pure herbal oral medicines, and there are no external injections or ointments needed for the treatment. Our medicines target the poor blood flow in the patient’s body and work on transmitting oxygen properly to all parts of body; this removes poisonous toxins from the blood and regulates the blood flow to the infected body part so that the infected part of body can start healing naturally.



Our Vision:

Our vision is to become the most promising and reliable herbal medicine company by providing herbal medicines to the patients suffering from gangrene, diabetic wounds and psoriasis.  We aim to offer effective, safe and reliable medicines for improving the quality of life of our patients, enabling them to get rid of these life-threatening diseases and restoring the functionality of their affected body parts.  We endeavour to serve mankind by providing our patients natural medicines free from side-effects.



Our Mission:

“We are striving to save humanity from “Body Amputations” due to Gangrene (Any type) or Diabetic wound.”





We are committed to provide natural cure for gangrene, diabetic wounds and psoriasis by implying ancient herbal formulae for hundred percent cure. we are devoted and progressing towards humanity’s quest for longevity, ultimate health and prevention of disability due to amputation of limbs through the innovation and modernization of Unani (Greek) herbal medicines.



Leveraging on our continuous research and valuable knowledge of herbal medicines, we have invented special formulations free from harmful ingredients, acids or chemicals.  Because of our high-quality standards and stringent manufacturing procedures, we have got the approval of more than ______ patients worldwide. We provide treatment to our overseas patients by providing online consultation and medication through mail and, therefore, have expanded our clientele across the globe.